What is Magic?



Kids Discover How Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts,
and Math Make Magic!


What is Magic? is a fun and engaging magic show followed up with a hands-on session in which the students get to learn the secrets behind some the tricks just presented. They will learn a mathematical principle that allows them to predict the future; discover how to use science to defy the laws of nature; and appear to use their mind to move an object. 

Magic naturally includes the basics of STEAM and enhances critical thinking skills. Multiple studies have shown that learning magic is beneficial for strengthening sequential and divergent thinking as well as building confidence, creativity, and communication skills. In recent years, scientists have studied magicians’ techniques to gain new insight into how the human mind works.

At a slight additional cost, we are able to provide a “Top Secret” folder that compliments this program by reminding students of the information presented and providing a link to videos teaching the tricks they learned.


Student shows folder
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